Delivery of orders in Ukraine

Delivery process

  1. With the help of express delivery services, the company "Nova Kovka" sends elements of forging to any point in Ukraine.
    Delivery of forged items is carried out every working day at 15.00. If your order is accepted after 14.30, it will be sent to the specified city on the next business day. We cooperate with transport companies, namely: "Delivery", "Nova Poshta".
    Delivery of goods to your city takes from one to three days depending on remoteness.

Pickup of goods from the warehouse of the company

  1. Customers who wish to pick up the ordered goods from our company's warehouse can come to one of our offices. Also in the office of the company "Nova Kovka" you can choose forged items on the stands in our showroom. Packing and loading your order is absolutely free.

Packing forged elements and decorative metal

  1. Forged products of small weight and volume are packed in branded bags or cardboard boxes. Decorative rolled metal is packed with stretching! Large parcels for the reliability of shipment are sent to the sealed or in metal cages (TC "Deliveri").

Receiving the goods at the representative office of the selected transport company

  1. On the day you send your order, the manager will provide you with a waybill number (TTN) by SMS. By the number of the TTN you can determine the location of your cargo, the date of arrival at the warehouse and the cost of transportation. The cost of delivery is determined by the carrier according to the tariffs of the transport company chosen by you. Payment for delivery of the goods is carried out by the buyer upon receipt of the goods at the office of the transport company. After the transfer of the cargo, the chosen transport company is responsible for the safety and transportation of your order. If there are questions on the safety and conditions of cargo transportation, it is necessary to file a claim to the representative of the transport company directly in the warehouse upon receipt of the goods and to draw up an appropriate certificate.
    What should be remembered when you receive the goods in the branch of the transport company:
    1. To receive the goods in the warehouse of the transport company, you need to have with you the original passport or driver's license, and for legal entities the original of the power of attorney issued to the recipient and the original passport.
    2. You have every right to check the appearance of the parcel for integrity, as well as to check the weighing of the parcel, to open the parcel and check the condition of the goods and whether all ordered goods are present in the parcel.
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